Mysterious Lake of Death

What if we tell you there’s a lake in Arunachal which sucked many planes in it? The chilling legend behind ‘Lake Of No Return’, lying on the AP border with Myanmar is…

Some 12 km away from Nampong in Arunachal, this tourist destination lake is infamous for sucking in many a planes, during World War II. The fighter planes of the Allied Forces’ pilots would crash into the lake and would not be found ever again. However, off late locals have been reporting finding debris of planes in and around the lake.

Lake of No Return courtesy:
Lake of No Return                                                                                                                                                              courtesy:

8 thoughts on “Mysterious Lake of Death

  1. Um, now that i chanced upon this piece, i vaguely remember reading something about the lake…! if i remember right, this place (as you had mentioned), located close to burma, was probably the last place the allied could land before venturing into japanese (i think.. vague memory!) territory.. so, without a runway, i think i remember reading about them trying water landing, which resulted in many an accident!
    the remote location proved extraction/retrieval difficult, and hence the myth!


    1. Hey Ansi, i myself dont know the latest news abt the plc, but what i can tell u is tht its a very remote area, and is not really in the tourist circuit


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