Bollywood trail: this is where Rangoon is Shot

Crowned the ‘Last Shangri La on Earth’, Arunachal came under international tourism spotlight when BBC’s Lonely Planet Magazine India Travel Award was conferred on it as the 3rd best ‘Emerging Destinations in India’.

Bollywood director Vishal Bhardawaj will capture Arunachal of peerless exquisiteness in his camera for the film Rangoon. The movie narrates love story of 1940s of the WW-II era when Indian Army’s soldiers fought in Rangoon.

Arunachal touches three different countries – having Bhutan on its west, China on its north and Myanmar on its east. It is the largest North Eastern state of India, out of the Seven Sisters and most of it is untouched and unexplored.

Bharadwaj who has already done location hunting here, went to many places and most presumptively will shoot in the striking Ziro Valley from November.

Prior to this, Koyla’s (1997) is thought to be the first mainstream Hindi movie crew that landed here to shoot. Madhuri Dixit danced to the song Tanhai Tanhai with Shahrukh Khan here. And guess what? The venerable Shungetser Lake is also named after her as Madhuri Lake!
Snow-blanketed peaks of Arunachal

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