Shake hands with a dolphin

Rafting on mighty Brahmaputra
Rafting on mighty Brahmaputra


If Man Vs Wild type is your staple and adventure run in your veins, then try the mighty Siang or Brahmaputra for the rafting thrills it offers in Arunachal. You may even get to shake hands with a dolphin! Jutting out rocks, high waterfalls, steep canyons, grade-5 rapids, deep jungles and tribal villages – rafting in this location, gives a chance to experience too many good things on one trip. It surely makes for the most exhilarating experiencing of one’s lifetime.

While kayaking on sparkling and clear green-blue water, you can soak in the surrounding virgin forests punctuated by the rock formations. Camp on a pristine white beach, enjoy a good bonfire night, and greet the next day’s sun with a swim in the clear waters.

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