The Other Saffron – in Pushkar


Standing in the midst of Pushkar Lake, beside the famous Pushkar Temple, in Ajmer, Rajasthan; I thought this bright flame-coloured small temple having shivling inside, was a beautiful vision. That’s when I decided to capture it.

Its steps dotted with hundreds of pigeons, a lush peepul tree shadowing it on one side, and the water flowing by the white ghats in the background makes for a soothing sight.

The structure is surrounded by the lake water like an island, such that it’s not accessible unless the water recedes on the nearest bank.

The shivling in the temple is believed to be invocated by god Brahma, who is the main deity being worshipped in Pushkar. As the legend goes, the lake and the temple are named after lord Brahma’s blue lotus flower (literally, pushkar).


Shivling temple in the middle of Pushkar Sarovar, India


World famous with travellers, pilgrims and photographers and for its camel fair, temple, desert, hot air balloon rides, Pushkar is a must to experience the exotic orient called India.

I found Pushkar to be a curious amalgamation of faith, traditions, new and modern.



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