Bewitching Black Headed Jay

Black Headed Jay, don’t miss its blue tail back there!

It was my first time, my first sighting. I spotted this one in the Kumaon region of Himalayas in India. What caught my eyes was not so much of its upper body, as its beautiful and long, blue-feathered tail. I had the chance to see it twice, but both times it hid behind the green foliage.

For an amateur birder, capturing this fascinating bird was a joyous experience. What I took for beard was its white-streaked throat.  Thickly-wooded Western Himalayas with oak and pine trees are home of this beautiful bird.

After seeing this and many other, I realised why so many people said that higher reaches of Uttarakhand is a birders’ paradise. And at just 1700mt. I wasn’t even at too much height in the Kumaoni Mountains.

So I learnt from the locals that it mainly dines on wild insects, nuts and berries, but I saw this one nibbling on bread.

Black Headed Jay from behind – It Kept Dancing So I Captured its Tail

It’s also found in other countries such as Nepal and Afghanistan.

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