Colour, Kikar and Craft at Surajkund Fair

The venue is a huge patch from the remnants of Aravali range touching Delhi-NCR. This year, after a gap of many, I went to experience the crafts and the din at the Suranjkund Mela again, organised every year in the cool month of February.

One of the many wall murals at the entrance

Decorated  camels ready for ride, canopies of kikar trees and roadside vendors selling their own little hand-made toys, greeted me at the entrance.

Motley-hued Kites at Surajkund Crafts Fair

Alas, I selected a wrong day, as the place was teeming with millions of heads, me being one of them! I could not immerse in the beauty of art and craft that thousands of stalls were offering from interiors of India as well as from so many other countries.

Windows and doors giving glimpses of diverse people and their arts. This one was outside the Iran stall, if I remember correctly

I did go to Afghanistan stall, where two young brothers sold exquisite carpets; Iran stall selling silver baubles and exotic stuff; men from African nations; women from South-east Asian countries — all selling great and painstakingly made gorgeous stuff.

Chattisgarh Gate crafted in bell metal art. This tribal art is very famous

Although food is never that great in this giant of a fair, the weather and more so, colours spread all around you peeping out from numerous stalls in various forms and shapes, make-up for a great day for a crafts-lover.

As for me, next trip is already marked in my calendar!

Enter the Dragon, in my story, that is!

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