Rust-covered Charms and Buried History

Light and shadows played hide and seek, on a sleepy afternoon, when I was wandering through the alleys of this tiny village-town. History has its own niche in the narrative of this place. Fascination, joy – of the kind when one chances upon a new discovery, filled my being upon witnessing the charms of Mandawa.

In this photograph i tried capturing a slice of life – of the many things Mandawa stands for. An antique shop was selling these, well, antique utensils and other items, made of stuff not found in modern Indian homes anymore.

As rust covered these old  things with many layers, so are the other charms and tales of this place – buried under layers of neglect, forgotten.

Charms and curios collectors will have a field day here, as will the history lovers, as Mandawa is known for its frescoed-walls of the various ruined havelis.

Rusty History that Belies, Mandawa’s Glorious Past

For more on it, you may read my article here:

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