Gorgeous + Declining = Green Pigeons

There it was, one fine winter morning lazily perched on a branch of the sacred fig, sunning itself and eating fig fruits. Its grey head but neon-parroty hue does well to hide it well among the leaves.

That I was astonished to see one in Delhi and that too right outside my house, on the peepal tree, is an understatement. In all my life, i haven’t spotted this gorgeously colourful bird in Delhi. So much so, I didn’t even know that there’s a bird called Hariyal (hari in Hindi means green) or green pigeon.

It’s a state bird of Maharashtra and overall this species is declining in urban India and is threatened by poachers. Also, losing its habitat, as is the case with other crucial wildlife, due to shrinking forests and green patches is another reason for its decline.

Hariyal as its locally known in India, is only found in the Indian Subcontinent and some other Asian countries. It’s a herbivore who lives on fruits and nuts and breeds in January.

I just hope this gorgeous bird survives and is frequently spotted.

Hariyal or the Green Pigeon

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