Misty Coorg in Plashy Hills of Western Ghats

It was intimidating — looking for a homestay at an ungodly midnight hour when the high beam of our car couldn’t pierce thick misty fog… But somehow we managed to find a very good one…

Certain kind of rich odour, a mix of rains, earth and greens filled my senses as I was approaching Coorg on the all-engulfing night. Situated in Western Ghats, this hill-town in Karnataka worked its magic on me especially so because i went during monsoon.

It’s been many moons since I set my foot on its soil, but its waterfalls and snake-like streams, mighty Kaveri river and peaceful yet remarkable temples, and cloud kissed hills are unforgettable.

Just 3 hours from Mysore by road, or 6 hours from Bangalore, Coorg is a good option for a long weekend trip. There are many interesting activities to do and much to see. I for once really enjoyed bathing elephants, sitting by the taal (ponds) in temple structures, walking barefoot on downpour-wet earth, witnessing Kaveri’s source, my maiden journey in a toy train, being disturbed by buzzing crickets in a thick bamboo forest and climbing atop a machan…

Built in 1741CE by the King Lingarajendra II, Sri Omkareshwara Temple, in Madikeri, Coorg, is a temple having Indo-Islamic and Gothic architecture

Gushing Abbi Falls in Madikeri. It’s quite surreal to stand near and gaze at a waterfall…

Temple of Talakaveri looks as if it’s floating among clouds. That’s me with umbrella…

Tiny reservoir at the temple of Talakaveri. This is believed to be the source of river Kaveri’s origin


This temple it’s believed that a sage named Bhaganda established the Shiva Linga, hence the temple is known as Sri Bhagandeshwara. It’s near the holy Triveni Sangam formed by confluence of Cauvery, Kanika and Sujyothi. As per historical records king Veera Rajendra Wadeyar of Kodagu, got the temple renovated in 1790 AD

Covered structure here is a well, which was very much in use when I saw it

Meandering through the misty forested hills

Raja’s Seat is an ornamental park where erstwhile queens and their kings would spend time taking in the beauty of their surroundings

Feeling the drizzle on one’s face coming in from the windows of the toy train is so much fun. Baba Saheb Express toy train

Don’t miss the sculpture of Nandi Bull (centre), mount of Lord Shiva, hidden behind the wild growth

A mahout taking his elephant for a bath. I tried my hand at it too 🙂

I need no introduction

Entry to island and forest Kaveri Nisargadhama Forest

Leisurely flows the Kaveri

A herd of cute rabbits at the Nisargadhama forest


Very beautiful Budgerigars, sadly, in captivity

An idol of river goddess Kaveri at the forest
































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