Oasis for Wildlife in Delhi

What can I say about Delhi’s disappearing wildlife and avifauna, which has not been said earlier.

And to make it worse, this 2km-long man-made lake is half-killed by DDA and rest of it’s going to be destroyed soon for an upcoming buildings project

As my photos show, the Sanjay Lake is home to local birds and hosts many migratory ones… people take walks along the banks of this lake a and lot of nature enthusiasts also visit to capture these birds.

As in my photos here, cormorants, water snakes, ducks, pigeons, squirrels, house sparrows, kites, green pigeons (hariyal), kingfishers, rufous treepies, eagles, yellow bee-eaters,  shovelers, Northern pintails, common pochard, spot-billed ducks and many more species of avifauna can be spotted here.

While the DDA is responsible for nurturing this oases near Yamuna and initially did clean and beautified it by planting many trees, now the same agency is hell bent on destroying it.

I dread the day, it’s killed for ugly buildings, when people like us won’t be able to enjoy this slice on nature in our otherwise dead city…


Squirrel nibbling at corn
A Kite eating its prey
A Cormorant about to take flight


Rufous Treepie


Freedom in Azure

6 thoughts on “Oasis for Wildlife in Delhi

  1. I visit this place quite often and my company is involved in lot of work being done in sanjay van…. but the lure for money of the government bodies and land mafias is biggest obstacle…. aravalis are being destroyed…. yamuna is gone as a river…. the future is dreadful in this NCR region……

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    1. i totally agree with you… god knows where are we heading… even wwf has started an online petition to save water bodies of Delhi… what’s your org name? i don’t know what all e need to do to curb this greed…😢😬


  2. Great! That’s my neighbourhood Shweta and I have been going there for my daily morning walks for almost fifteen years now. Have seen all, have had some of finest clicks of migratory birds and reptiles here. Now have been witnessing some catastrophic damages being done to this beautiful place. Have written a lot about it, but of no avail (https://vagabondimages.in/?s=Sanjay+lake). Very sorry affairs!

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    1. oh is it? that’s good to know … but yes as we both said the lake is being systematically destroyed with each year n it’s very very sad… but i read one fb post by wwf in which they are asking people to sign petitions to save water bodies of Delhi and that includes Sanjay lake… i thot of signing it

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