My Story

Rang Birange is an endeavour to understand and promote the faraway and unseen India

On My Voyages, You Will Meet

Rainbow-colour rare birds, mesmerising toy making traditions, incog dance and folk song artists; sparkling seashores, lakes and ghostly forests; dolphins, leaf monkeys and uncommon animals; resplendent wall murals in native art forms, just-excavated ancient temples, old-time 80s-style islands, bewitching sunsets, varieties of cuisines which can stun any gourmand and so much more…

So, deck out to enter our picturesque land of charismatic people. Get soaked in its immense history and ancient heritage. Shake hands with its myriad tribes and sub-cultures. Listen to the folklores layered in wisdom. Indulge in its potpourri of culinary tastes. Witness its immense flora and fauna. Appreciate its overwhelming arts, crafts and weaves.